Pedro Yildiz Morgado | Brand strategy | Creative consultant
Communication, Design and Strategy. Developing digital and brand experiences. Committed to creating forward-looking identities and experiences for leading brands.

Brand Strategy — Creative Consultant

These are projects I created and directed, and a couple of personal experiments from the past 15+ years.

Wodify Technologies
— Building a brand to become a global fit-tech platform

Berg Outdoor
— Setting a new standard in urban active wear

— Unifying fragmented advantages into one product

Costa Lopes
— Branding Africa’s architectural pioneers

Wodify x NCFIT
— Partnering up for new business opportunities

Valverde Hotel
— Branding luxury in an understated approach

Caixa IU
— Making banking interesting for young communities

Wodify Rise
— Empowering people to live healthier lifestyles

— A new concept for a portfolio of brands

Olbo & Mehler
— Repositioning a world leading industrial brand

— Expanding a brand portfolio to new markets

Wodify Blueprint
— An immersive training hub to optimise business

— Introducing convenient luxury in a busy food court

Madre Mia!
— The power of storytelling in FMCG


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— Store environments

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Pedro Yildiz Morgado

I’m a Lisbon-based brand strategist/creative consultant and all-around restless designer. I have worked at DDB, McCann, Santa Fé Brand Consultants, and Havas Group/Fuel.

After that I joined and rebranded Wodify Technologies, an american software powerhouse in the cutting edge of performance tracking software, and positioned it as the leading CrossFit management software, pushing it to become a global fit-tech platform.

In the last 10 years I have been leading creative teams, managing projects, developing brands, products, store environments, events, websites, working in digital marketing, social media, content & video production (and everything else you can remember a global brand needs to be successful).

Branding, Strategy, Art Direction, Digital Production.

Contact me for any collaborations.
(+351) 937 156 810