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Valverde Hotel, Lisbon’s best kept secret

— Branding, logotype, interior design


The Challenge

True luxury doesn’t display itself. Lives discreet by the days. Makes this discretion a mission, from which he doesn't want to run away. It feels itself in small details that wrap the elegance of the experience. In true luxury, nothing can be too much. We adjective moments with temperance. We qualify details with a stripped spirit. Naturally. We evoke different times. We keep the same spaces. 

Before the earthquake of 1755, the location where a new hotel would rise where just gardens. A green setting that the Marquis from Pombal dreamt to change into an attraction for the ‘lisboetas’.

This place, also known by Valverde (green valley), would become the Passeio Público. A public walk from the romantic Lisbon, that everybody would blink for. It was fashionable, it was a part of social life, the Queen loved it. The people sang about it. And about the luxury that you could see in it.

That discreet luxury, today, still keeps its aura. The one from early days and the one that today inhabitants the Avenue. The History is reinterpreted and a new page is written so many years after.

A new space waiting to live new moments and know new stories. Unique, singular and different. As you would hope for in Liberdade, the Avenue, in the XXI century.

The Creative Idea

Hotel Valverde was born in one of the most iconic places in Lisboa. A refined architectonic project, signed by endless attention to detail and full respect for the local heritage.

In complete harmony with the concept defined to space, we created an elegant, delicate and sophisticated brand identity, based on typography and small illustrations inspired in the project’s natural character. Distinctive, with its details, bring the perfect balance to the decor, creating a unique ambient and feeling.

Best Design and Architecture: Hotel in Europe
Prix Villegiature Awards 2016


Fuel Design
Creative Direction: Pedro Morgado
Design: Sara Palaio, Pedro Morgado
Illustrations: Daniel Lasso
Copy: Maria Caeiro