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Universo, giving order to chaos

— Branding, retail


The Challenge

Universo is more than a card, it is a financial ecosystem. Universo represented the brand of the alternative on the current banking panorama. Disruptive, challenging, flexible, truthful, organized, clear. The Universe Card is the only mean of payment that allows choosing by the purchase the more suited option of payment and that benefits the client in all usages, because it embraces all functionalities of credit, debit, and installments, giving advantages in every shopping. 

The Creative Idea

How to solve all of this advantages and functionalities into one brand? The solution came by organizing the chaos and the overload of information and making sure we created a simple, pragmatic, easy to understand brand system. Positively engaging and presenting itself in a young, colorful way, Universo was built with eyes in the future, making sure scalability and credibility were assured.

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Fuel Design
Creative Direction: Pedro Morgado
Design: Pedro Morgado, Sara Palaio
Copy: Maria Caeiro
3d: Gonçalo Rebelo