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Universo is more than a card, it is a financial ecosystem. Universo represented the brand of the alternative on the current banking panorama. Disruptive, challenging, flexible, truthful, organized, clear.


Unifying fragmented advantages into one finantial card


Branding | Graphic Design | Communication | Store Environment

Universo is a financial ecosystem presented as an alternative on the current Portuguese banking panorama. Challenging the consumer perception it conquered consumers with its easiness to use and Sonae’s endorsement.

Universo is a credit, debit, instalments, and a loyalty card, giving advantages in every buy.  By organising the overload of information and making its message simple and easy to understand, Universo was built with eyes in a credible future.

— 400.000+ clients in the first 12 months after launch
— 800.000+ clients in 2019
— 10% of market share in the first year

Creative Direction + Design

Sara Palaio, Design
Maria Caeiro, Writer
Gonçalo Rebelo, 3D

Branding Universo logo
Branding Universo card cartão
Branding Universo brand

The simple and bold design system, challenged the status quo and changed the way users interact with a financial product.

Branding Universo invoice fatura
Branding Universo card cartão
Branding Universo store loja
Branding Universo store loja
Branding Universo store loja

Take a sneak peak to the brand launch, presented at Altice Arena.

Branding Universo launch Altice Arena
Branding Universo launch Altice Arena