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Madre Mia, the most wanted snacks

— Branding, packaging


The Challenge

Being an exclusive of Continente, the Portuguese leading supermarket’s chain, the challenge was launched to create a strong, bold and visually appealing brand and story for a potato chips brand. The new brand was intended to compete with a large number of already established brands in the stores’ shelves, where powerful stopping power is a fundamental issue.

The Creative Solution

Inspiration came from a complete universe of legendary villains and Madre Mia!, a well known Spanish exclamation, quickly came to our mind as a powerful naming to take the brand to the right universe. Under the "Dangerously Delicious" concept, developed in a Tex/Mex inspired visual territory, an unusual collection of “Wanted Man” was born, each one representing the different flavors of chips, nachos and sauces.

The Solution

Al Camone, Money & Clyde, Silly the Kid, John Stinko and Messy James are just a few of the characters integrating this fearsome album, whose names result from a fun word game built on phonetics, which perfectly support the tone of communication of this young and irreverent brand.

A complete set of icons related to the western mood was created, to build a complete graphic language, reinforcing the whole creative concept and its storytelling. The packaging really stands out in the linear, thanks to the dynamic and vibrant chromatic palette chosen, matching brand’s young and strong character. Now that “The Most Wanted Snacks", are out there, no one will escape them.  Dangerously Delicious. Not tasting is a crime.

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Madre Mia is the most surprising brand in the history of appetisers.
— Continente
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Fuel Design
Creative Direction: Pedro Morgado
Design: Pedro Morgado, Frederico Paixão
Copy: Maria Caeiro, André Oliveira