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Costa Lopes

Rebrand the identity of one of the most well-named architecture ateliers in Portugal, referring its creative maturity and ascension in the industry and in the Portuguese and Angola market.


Branding Africa’s architectural pioneers

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Abandoning the cocoon of a young brand, Costa Lopes Architects embraces its maturity with a sober and minimal brand logo, reinforcing the prestige of its own name. The brand system was built around the idea of 'focus' and 'grid', and this concept assumes the brand spirit and starts representing it. Focus on what is important, which is the creative and surprising output of the talented team of architects that are designing some of the most innovative projects in Africa.

Creative Direction + Design for Addmore

Costa Lopes Luanda project
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Costa Lopes logotype
Costa Lopes Luanda Hospital
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Costa Lopes branding logotype
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Our projects focus in research, imagination, mainstream approaches and local conditions in order to deal with the constantly evolving challenges of contemporary life.
— Costa Lopes Architects
Costa Lopes Luanda Museu da Moeda