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Wodify Arena

Wodify Arena is a competition management solution integrating event setup, live judging and real-time scoring into a single application. It’s the easiest, fastest way to run amazing competitions from registration and promotion, all the way to the final podium.

Crossfit competitions, made easy

Branding | UI/UX | Video | Social Media | Illustration | Email Marketing

Wodify Arena, is a competition management app integrating event setup and promotion, live judging, and real-time scoring into one single application. Every affiliate hosts in average more than two competitions a year, as a way to boost revenue and add more value to their business and to their member’s experience. Events are one of the most profitable activities in a gym, so Wodify decided to create a simple tool that allowed affiliates to explore this seamlessly.

— 1500+ global events created in first 3 months
— $2.5M+ revenue generated until Q319

Creative Direction, UI Design

Pedro Morgado, David Ramos, Beatriz Dionísio, UI Design
Manuel Garcia, Filipe Miranda, Video

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Wodify Arena Site
Wodify Arena Website
Wodify Arena x Alpha Games

The mobile app, for judges, makes fitness competitions faster: schedules, personal assignments, scoring, and instant publishing.

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Wodify Arena Mobile App
Wodify Judge

A patented technology was designed — Wodify Arena Smart Start™ — to create instant competition heats using previous competitors results.