Builder of brands and experiences. I am a creative director and visual designer.
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SSI, the future of technology

— Branding, logotype


The challenge

Create an umbrella brand for Sonaecom’s holding companies in the area of Software Systems and Information. A brand capable to stand its place in the national and international market. A brand that represented the technical evolution and the pioneering from the work that it endures, as well as the tailor-made character of many of their solutions.

The Creative Idea

The idea was to create a geometric brand that integrates the hardness from the vertices and the technical evolution as a natural system. A connection between two different worlds. A window for the future. An identity system that reflects context from its own activity and presents a vision of the future with its own shape. A brand with many brands, that assumes a very strong individual presence. A facilitator in the B2B universe, answering the bigger goal of making life easier for many, in different geographies.

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Fuel Design
Creative Direction: Pedro Morgado
Design: Pedro Morgado
3d: Gonçalo Rebelo