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Shared value as the base for a new brand

Branding | Communication | Graphic Design

The result of the merger between ZON and Optimus, generated a telecommunications and entertainment mega group - NOS. Offering cable tv, mobile phone service, internet, and movie theatres, it has more than 3.5 million mobile phone customers, around 1.5 million tv and land telephone users, and 922k fixed broadband Internet subscribers.

The new brand was implemented through a collaboration between Portuguese studios - Fuel, Havas and RMAC - with Wolff Olins.

Now people can meet and work, buy and sell, discover and share, with anyone, anywhere. Technology connects us and together we can do more. NOS is a new brand created for this new world. NOS helps you share together and belong together. NOS gives you the things you need to do more together, to your best and shine.

Creative Director + Design + Project management NOS Empresas segment

Fuel Design, Havas Design, RMAC, Wolff Olins
Pedro Morgado, Pedro Almeida, Filipa Serra, Diogo Almeida, Design
Maria Caeiro, Writer
Gonçalo Rebelo, Miguel Andrade, 3D

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