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Hello, we are NOS

— Rebrand, editorial, POS, retail


The Challenge

Fuse two of the major telecom brands in the market will be together. A collaboration between Portuguese studios - Havas, Fuel and RMAC - and the internationally awarded Wolf Ollins agency to create a new brand that presents itself as a birth, not a marriage.

The Creative Idea

Now Portuguese people can meet and work, buy and sell, discover and share, with anyone, anywhere. Technology connects us and together we can do more.

NOS is a new brand created for this new world. NOS helps you share together and belong together. NOS gives you the things you need to do more together, to your best and shine.

The Solution

A brand that unites people, because they are stronger together. A brand that celebrates new behaviors and that keep an eye out for people that are doing things in new ways. A brand that helps everyone shine - because its products and services help people do what they need to do. NOS gives people the things they need to be their best and shine. And a brand that shows and doesn’t tell. A brand that focuses on what people can do with it, not just in the technology itself.

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The new brand is a birth, not a marriage.
— Wolf Ollins

Fuel Design, Havas Design, RMAC, Wolf Ollins
Creative Direction: Pedro Morgado, Ana Cunha (PT)
Design: Pedro Morgado, Pedro Almeida, Filipa Serra, Diogo Almeida
Copy: Maria Caeiro
3d: Gonçalo Rebelo, Miguel Pinto