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On the 30th anniversary, Continente needed to rebrand his whole communication aesthetics: make it more approachable, more appropriate and in a very simple word - more fun!


Reinventing trust as retail’s best USP

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Continente is the retail brand that has been keeping up with Portuguese people for the last 30 years. It is a relationship that has been focusing on trust, belonging and reality since childhood to adulthood.

On its 30th anniversary, Continente rebranded his whole communication aesthetics. We created a flexible template for the new tagline: ‘O que rende é ir ao Continente’ — ‘Continente is a big deal’. This simple and engaging visual language was applied to every communication touchpoint.

The aesthetic became more real: color everywhere, supporting a more visual message, with messy houses and crumbles in kitchens, busy dinner tables and loud people — just like the regular family that everybody has. Continente became more friendly, like a real household member.

Creative Direction + Design (with Pedro Bexiga and Marcelo Lourenço)

João Coelho, Strategy
Andreia Ribeiro, Ricardo Ribeiro, Ads
Pedro Morgado, Design
Tiago Soares, Video

Continente posters
Continente rebrand outdoor
Continente promotional flyer
Continente promotional flyer easter

— Presentation ad


— Promotional ads (Christmas, Saving Days, Daily promos, Pets