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Continente: making retail more real


— Branding, advertising, retail, video


The Challenge

Continente is the retail brand in Portugal that is proud to say that has been keeping up with Portuguese people for the last 30 years. It is a relationship that has been focusing on trust, belonging and reality since childhood to adulthood. We needed to make it feel more real and to make it keep up with the times changing.

The Creative Idea

On the 30th anniversary, Continente needed to rebrand his whole communication aesthetics: make it more approachable, more appropriate and in a very simple word - more fun!

The Solution

We created a colorful template for a new tagline: ‘O que rende é ir ao Continente’ (Continente is a big deal). This new fun, simple and engaging visual language was applied to every possible material we imagined. Video production for the brand (expensive and with a daily demand) was taken care of by a small internal studio created to curate Instagram pictures and personal videos from Fuel’s collaborators and event Continente customers. The aesthetic became more real: there are messy houses and crumbles in kitchens, the table for dinner is busy and people are loud - just like the regular family that everybody has. Continente became a friendly, close, and funny brand!


Christmas promotional video

Saving days campaign

Daily promotional videos made with customer’s videos

Pet articles promotion made with all the pets of Fuel’s teams


Fuel Design/Fuel Advertising
Creative Direction: Pedro Morgado, Marcelo Lourenço, Pedro Bexiga
Brand Strategy: João Coelho, Andreia Ribeiro, Ricardo Ribeiro
Design: Pedro Morgado
Copy: Maria Caeiro
Video: Tiago Soares