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Caixa Bank trophy, awarding entrepeneurship

— Industrial design, 3d printing


The Challenge

Caixa Bank is the most pro-active Portuguese big company working towards the entrepreneurship movement and start-up boom in Lisbon. With a ceremony to award the innovation and support the tech industry, we were challenged to create a trophy that stood up for it.

The Creative idea

Rise the Caixa Bank logo to the height of the event by creating a 3d, live-printed trophy, produced while the event was happening. The one of a kind trophy started to be impressed in a 3d printer at the beginning of the ceremony, just in time to be ready to be delivered to the award winners at the end of the day in the main stage of Caixa Empreender event.


Fuel Design
Creative Direction: Pedro Morgado
Design: Pedro Morgado, Sara Palaio
3D: Gonçalo Rebelo, Miguel Andrade