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Barbatana, the atlantic fish bar

— Branding, logotype, packaging


The Challenge

The prestigious Porto Sta. Maria restaurant, in Guincho, Portugal, and the creativity of the award-winning Chef Miguel Laffan, combined to honor the flavors of the Portuguese coast, the true star of this Atlantic Fish Bar: a differentiating concept that joins convenience and luxury in a shopping mall food court.

The Creative Solution

We dived a bit deeper than the sea surface, in order to look for the uniqueness of this unexplored world. Focused on the object of the restaurant itself, Barbatana (‘fin’ in Portuguese), explores the beauty associated with flavor, producing a sophisticated and trendy environment. Located in Amoreiras Shopping Center, in Lisbon, this fish bar has a contemporary identity inspired by the ocean and the details of the marine fauna. These elements gave the environment and all the experience provided a natural freshness and sophistication.

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 07.52.18(1).png

Fuel Design
Creative Direction: Pedro Morgado
Design: Pedro Morgado
Copy: Maria Caeiro
3d: Gonçalo Rebelo

Honorable mention - Branding
Design Awards M&P 2016